>>> Partnership

We aim to promote and market our Airline Customers by giving them full identity and services recognition within our defined territories. We combine our Customers corporate marketing initiatives with our local knowledge of the market in question.


We strive to become an integral part of our Clients operation and display reliability and professionalism within their organisation. We believe that honesty and integrity form the foundation of any long term business partnership and we enter into every relationship with this principle in mind.


Outsourcing their cargo product to us enables our Customers to gain access to an experienced, dedicated and committed team of people, the perfect partnership.


>>> Industry Recognition

Recently Air Cargo Trader France has been presented by the industry leaders Lan Cargo, with their prestigious award for best GSA Europe for the year 2010.


The awards are presented in recognition of sales performance measured against an annual revenue target and level of commitment shown to providing a high level quality of service for the Lan Cargo customers.


It is a great honor for the recipient, considering the size and scope of the Lan Cargo global network.


>>> Commited to Quality

Cargo Operations

We take pride in providing our Customers with a fully monitored, quality product, from the time of reservation or general enquiry, through to aircraft loading and departure.


Our attention to detail is designed to protect the interests of our Airline Clients and their customers.



>>> Consistency

In any industry it is crucial to ensure a consistent approach to product delivery throughout an organisation whilst acknowledging different cultures, local working practices and individual customer requirements.


Air Cargo Trader is ISO9002 compliant. Procedures have been developed that are available to the group, providing consistency in our approach for delivering the ultimate in customer service.


We believe that our employees are a major asset and training is an important part of our corporate culture. Whilst our personnel are employed for their industry knowledge and experience, we provide investment for their development in order to promote both individual and group success.

>>> Our Mission Statement

We are a focussed, customer driven team where emphasis is placed on developing and rewarding our people to provide the highest professional service levels, in order to maximise the revenue earning potential for our Clients and the group.