>>> Objective

The major objective is to provide a neutral, quality, Airline Cargo Management organisation, capable of offering a range of services from specific cities or countries to a whole region or territory.


The following objectives will further strengthen the group :

  • Growth of the Network
  • Consistently meeting Customer Expectations
  • Maximise revenue return for our Customers
  • Increase the Range of Products
  • Provide professional, qualified employees



>>> Sales

A high quality product delivery is imperative in order to develop a long term business relationship with any customer. Our front line Sales team are chosen for their local market knowledge and personal contacts.


We develop sales plans for each Customer airline based on their individual products and incorporating the following elements :


  • Maintenance of Customer database
  • Regular Customer contact
  • Development of individual Customer contract programs
  • Customer surveys
  • Direct mail communication
  • Monthly Sales reporting


>>> Operations

Our Cargo operations team has the experience and expertise in the policies and procedures of local Airports and governmental authorities as well as :


  • Booking and load planning
  • Capacity control
  • Yield Management
  • Handling and trucking supervision


>>> Finance and administration

Air cargo Trader is a member of CASS and complete all invoicing and revenue collection from IATA Cargo Agents using the program.


We provide credit risk and revenue collection for non IATA Freight forwarders.


We have a strong financial background with an excellent on time performance for customer payments.



>>> Information Technology

Air Cargo Trader France operates the DSI freight software system.

The system provides an interface with CASS to transfer billing information for revenue collection and generates invoices for both IATA and non IATA billing.


In addition to operating the DSI freight system, Air Cargo Trader France can also use our customer airlines In house computer system if required.